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1h 50min   |   English  |  2010  |

Director: Marcia Weekes 

Will they survive? Set on the beautiful paradise island of Barbados, these two innocent, young girls, Mikisha and Claire have experienced everything in life, but paradise. Raped and physically abused by their drug dealing father Morris, Mikisha, who is pregnant at the age of 15 and Claire motherless and broken-hearted since the age of 10, are both at the brink of emotional disaster. It’s no wonder that horrible nightmares of abuse and past failures seek to hide true love and happiness from Mikisha and her son, Joshua.
Will they survive? Is her boyfriend’s (Troy) commitment to her and her son, enough to woo her back or will her new love Brent be able to get her off her confused path and back on the straight and narrow? Will she be able to help her younger sister Claire whose twisted lifestyle suffocates and seeks to drain every ounce of life from her?
Is there happiness in paradise for these two innocent souls?
Will they survive?

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