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1h 30min   |   English   | 2013 |

Director: Marcia Weekes

Chrissy! is a moving, inspirational and uplifting drama about courage, faith, bullying, determination and the power of the human spirit to achieve despite the odds.
A very poor 10-year-old girl, Chrissy Wright (Mikaela Harrison) lives on the rough side of town in deplorable conditions with her two siblings and their sick, bedridden mother (Sharon Griffith).

Chrissy - Trailer
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Living without running water, electricity and very little to eat, Chrissy becomes a target for teasing and discrimination from her fellow students at Redemption Primary, and all the teachers, except for her beloved science teacher, Mr. Fenton (Peter Boyce). Formidable, Chrissy is determined to push herself out of poverty, overcome the teasing and rise above it all. Through fate, she meets a new student at her school Melissa Edghill (Cara O’donnel), and thus begins a friendship…the meeting of two different worlds - rich and poor, black and white. Will Chrissy ride this gift-horse to the top? Or will her intellect be enough to help elevate her and her family out of their poverty-stricken life?

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